Multiple SSD



  • B.O

    Probably something you need to test out by yourself, too many variables.

    I have one NVME and two Samsung SSDs.

    A while ago I stored the catalog, adjustments etc on the NVME, and the raw files on the SSD.

    I compared this with everything on the SSD. It did not make a noteworthy difference.

    Probably C1 uses the catalog (cached thumbs, preview, masks) and the raw files at a different time. E.g. it uses the preview when in a low zoom level (depending on your preview size) and the raw file when zooming in. In other words, not much done in parallel to benefit from parallel drives. Or the computer or OS architecture throttle this theoretical benefit.

    Bottom line: Test yourself. And maybe you have other ideas than I had.


    EDIT: I have the raw files and catalog files on a different SSD than the process output folders, but did not make a comparison.

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  • Emanuele Guarino

    Hi, yes we shoud understand how C1 access to the disk, and even if if you a have a lot of RAM. I suppose the improvement could be only when there is a parallel R/W to the disks. I think that importing or exporting will actually benefit from two disks.

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