Fuji film emulations



  • DigitalEd

    I am a new user but I have been watching a lot of videos and found that you can apply a different camera ICC profil to any camera. So you can apply any of teh Fuji profiles for that look.

    Go to the Base Charitristices tool and show all to then see all the different folders full of hundreds of different camera profiles form many brands. You can apply any of them and each one has other settings to pick as well

    Here is 8 of them I used to see the difference. Only minor brightness and exposure tweaks to each as each one changes all this a little. I am really liking the Leica profile.

    Sorry, it will not let me upload it as the file is too large.

    Here is a link to it in my smug mug gallery




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  • SFA


    No they are not.

    They are specific to certain cameras in the Fuji range  - mainly cameras from relatively recent times that have the Fuji Film emulations built into them anyway.

    The nature of the emulation means that they would only be anything like accurate with data from one of the chosen bodies as chosen by Fuji.

    In theory any profile can work with any RAW file but what it delivers may not be anything like the emulation for which the profile is named. Whether that is important or not is up to the user - or in this case the supplier wishing to protect their branded products.



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