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Parent folders should show totals of their children




  • Lily

    Hi there,


    Thank you for feedback on Capture One - this is always welcomed and encouraged among our users and we appreciate the time you've taken to contribute towards the development of the software.

    I have forwarded your comments and suggestions to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Whilst we cannot comment on future releases, we take all suggestions on board and hopefully your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

  • Brett Paulgaard



    This is an absolute must for me. I've spent the last 3 days learning everything I can about Capture One in preparation for the transition from Lightroom. Unfortunately, this is a deal breaker for me. All of my photo files are sorted by the companies I work with and then the date that the images were taken. Not being able to see all of the images I've taken for the company by simply selecting their parent folder is just unacceptable. I understand that through naming convention or some other addition to the IPTC that this could be achieved with a user collection, but to go back and to have to rename or add IPTC info to the 35000+ photos I have just isn't worth it. 

    I would love to be able transition to Capture One from Lightroom, but until this is fixed, I just can't do it. I look forward to seeing if this is changed in your next version.



    This is what 110,123 images looks until you start opening each and every sub folder.


  • Class A

    I agree that this isn't what 110,123 images should look like per default.

    It would be nice to retain the option of seeing what is in a folder without all the subfolder content, but if there is no choice, counting (and showing!) all images makes much more sense.

    N. B. Lightroom has been given users the choice over the two options ("include subfolders", or not) for years.


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