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Restore the full prior function of the heal / clone layers, please.




  • BeO

    The ability to have muliple source points is a very welcome addition.

    But the new cursor tools and the new auto workflow is not. The dismissed functionality are unnessesary drawbacks.

    Regarding the stylus problem, consider creating a bug ticket.


  • Adam G

    Thanks for the vote!

    Yes, make no mistake-- I absolutely see the value/convenience of the multiple source points for certain edits (like fixing multiple pieces of lint, fly-away hairs, etc.) without cluttering things up with dozens of layers.  But I really wish Phase One had simply added two new layer types-- "multi-heal", "multi-clone", etc.-- instead of messing with the existing ones.  For more substantial / intricate touch-ups, I found the old brush/layer system much more powerful and flexible.

    I'm not particularly adept with a stylus (or real-life paintbrush for that matter), so I don't 'paint' my layer masks so much as rough them out and then continually tweak and refine them until I achieve my desired effect.  When I do take the time to  painstakingly mask something out, I also benefit greatly from the ability to copy/paste this mask to other layers and then edit/refine it as needed. Additionally, I will often switch the same mask between clone and heal types to test out different results, then feather/ refine the mask edges again to blend things seamlessly.  Unfortunately, I can't do any of this with the new heal/clone system.

    I'm not certain about the stylus issue, but I actually don't think it was a bug-- I think it was C1 enforcing its new specific workflow where each layer has its own dedicated brush type.  I can't test it further or submit a bug ticket however because I have rolled Capture One back to the previous version-- and won't be upgrading again, unfortunately, unless the functionality that I depend on is restored.


  • Class A

    Adam, I upvoted your request.

    I hope you did the same to my "Universal Brush" feature request.
    Although it partially addresses different consequences of the new brush selection/layer design, in my view our "complaints" are just two sides of the same coin.

    Like you, I wish Capture One (I understand they are now their own company independent from Phase One) would have just added the ability to have multiple source points in heal and clone layers.

    Nobody would have complained about that!

    I wish drastic interface changes like the new brush/layer selection design should be left to upgrades. Anyone who does not want such changes now has a broken update stream; they won't receive further bug fixes!

    If such drastic changes were left to upgrades then one could just not upgrade to the next version. Capture One would then also receive better feedback as to whether the changes are welcome or not. If they come as part of an update then everybody pretty much as to accept them, lest they lose further bug fixes.

    In my view, it would have been much better to introduce some shortcuts for creating layers of a certain type and activating the brush. This would not have interfered with any advanced workflows.

  • BeO

    Good idea Class A. The two new cursor icons could be re-dedicated to create a new layer of the respective type and change the cursor to the universal brush.

  • Adam G


    Yes, I did upvote your 'Universal Brush' request, and thank you for posting it-- it provided the first validation to me that something was indeed broken with the interface, and that I wasn't just losing my marbles.

    Agree 100% about the 'broken update stream'.  I've been a C1 user since version 10, and have been happy to upgrade my license along the way... but this one represents a substantial regression in usability.  Fortunately, the previous release seems fairly stable for me-- for now.  But I am of course already calculating how long this will be sustainable, particularly if I upgrade my hardware, etc. along the way.

  • Mitch

    I found the same frustration with being unable to feather/refine the heal layer today. I do hope the ability to use these actions come back and soon!

  • FirstName LastName

    I just started using C1 and am getting around to these things. I dislike having clone/heals constrained to layers, seems kind of limiting. I wish they'd implement a system that Adobe Bridge has, while a tad more limited, much more free and seamless to use.

  • BeO


    There is another FirstName LastName who said he is using C1 since version 3. Maybe it is a good idea to change the name?

    To your point: Why is this limiting you?

    Why would you want to have heal and clone areas in the background or adjustment layers? Or even worse, "baked in" destructively?

    • It is a help to organize me better
    • greate to temporarily disable the heal and clone layers (to see the effect, or increase display performance)
    • great if you want to copy them to other images
    • great if you do not want to exclude heal and clone when copying layerss to other images


  • SFA

    Thanks BeO!

    I thought I was going mad with the names thing but it seems not. At least not yet.

    In a way I think I preferred the unique names created in the other system.

    Useless names but at least they were unique.

  • BeO

    yes :-)

  • FirstName LastName

    Sorry I didn't see the name thing till now.

    I agree that list of benefits is nice, Bridge doesn't have many of those.

    I guess it's the speed at which I'm able to do things. I obviously don't want destructive changes lol As an example in bridge, when I go to the Spot Removal tool (Clone/heal), I only need to click the spot I want to get rid of. It's a little quicker an more intuitive. Whereas here I'm going to have to remember which layer is the clone one. And I don't like naming layers haha, maybe that's on me.

    I guess the difference between C1 and Bridge is that the effect in Bridge at shown when you click the tool, whereas in C1 the effects are shown when you click a layer, then you need to choose the tool to continue/start. 

    I do see the benefits as you said though.

  • BeO

    In the latest version 20.1 you only need to select the cursor tool e..g heal and start brushing, then you jump to the top most heal layer automatically, or a layer is created if not yet existing, no need to choose a layer.

    This new paradigm comes at a usabilty cost though, for some of us, like the dismissal of the universal brush and respective shortcut, and a reduction in features like copy a mask.

    your new name much better to distinguish from others than the previous one :-)

  • Lily


    Thank you for the feedback on the new healing and cloning workflow in Capture One 20 (13.1.0).

    Your comments will be forwarded to the Product Management team.


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