Some troubles about OSX10.5.1 and Capture one3.7.7



  • Anonymous
    Connection tethered with DSLR is still not possible with Leopard and Capture One PRO yet. We are still working on it.

    kind regards-
    Phase One Support
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  • Jason 2
    ...and have been "working on it" without success since Leopard was released, and still without any reasonable answer as to when the update will be released.
    ..."all I can say is that we are working on it"
    "check this thread for a work around"
    The fact is that all new Macs come with leopard pre installed and there are issues with tethered support and some digital back issues. Capture one (LE) 4 doesn't offer the professional features required, and pro is fast becoming out of date and unusable in the professional market.
    Phase one used to be respected for being at the forefront of digital capture, now it seems like an historic joke.
    Q : When, if you can be bothered to reply, will there be an update of the current pro software.
    A : (Suggested) A date, sometime, or a plan, or at least some relevant support, within the next week, - NOT we're working on it!
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  • Ulf Liljegren
    Please be hones, there is three issues.

    1. Canon tethered (Not Phase One backs)
    2. CF card importer (drag and drop in the finder is a workaround)
    3. Installer crash, workaround has been provided.

    Yes it is being worked on and when we can announce an updated version we will on the website. I am not going to promise something that I can not guarantee. That make me look bad.

    However I will try to get a time frame from Denmark for all uses so we at least have a ballpark figure.

    Mean while I suggest you read this before next post
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  • dariohonda
    [quote="0517-studio" wrote:
    we havd some troubles when we use OSX10.5.1 and Capture one3.7.7

    Here's the problem:

    we use Canon 1ds mkII and 5d connected to the mac,C1 can detected both

    of the camera,But when we shoot the pics,the files didn't came into our computer

    Can someone tell us what's the wrong with our computer?thanks

    by the way,in our other mac,OSX10.4.10 and Capture one3.7.7,everything is fine and correct.

    same problem!!!
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