Swapping from Windows to Mac



  • James 7
    The differences between Mac and PC version of 3.7 is like that film with Danny De Vito and Arnie. IMHO PC version is the poor relation and not that well featured.

    The layout alone looks like a different program for starters. Core principles are there, but extras (to name a couple) are the "Color" editor, Styles, and built in Moire tool (as apposed to PS plug in). Have a play then come back if you have any particular questions, I'll help you if I can.

    Welcome to OSX though. Once you go Mac you never go back....
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  • Paul Steunebrink
    I made this move from Windows to Mac three and an half years ago, including CO3.x Pro.

    As you might know, CO3.x Pro is a multi platform license, so no problems expected there. On the other hand, CO3/Mac is rather different from CO3/Win and it might take some time and effort to get used to it (CO4/Mac and Win are more identical twins). Of course, install the latest release of CO3 Pro for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility.
    If you are a Canon user and work tethered, there is an issue with Leopard (and resolution).
    Good luck and enjoy your new Mac.
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  • Lance_L
    I certainly do appreciate the feed back and I look forward to the differences. I'm willing to bet that I will now have some of the options in 3.X Pro I've been wanting.

    I must say overall that the Mac forum community seems after a weeks worth of posting all over the place much more outgoing and professional.

    I've been very pleased with the ease of platform change with software itself and with the mac community.

    If there are any windows individuals reading this post go ahead and swap over if you have been thinking about it.

    Capture One Pro along with Adobe and almost every plugin I used on a windows platform swapped over with little to no effort.

    It feels like Christmas in July this morning.

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