Import fron Oneplus 6T Android phone



  • Ian Wilson
    I suspect that you may need to import the photos from the phone into your folder outside of Capture One. Apart from a few cameras, it generally doesn't import that way (except for shooting tethered) so I image it would be the same for a phone.

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  • NNN637059971447617959
    Thanks, that was the only way that I have been able to do it, but had hoped there was an easier plug-and-import way to do it directly from capture one. Cheers
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  • SFA
    My Oneplus One (original OS never updated) is recognised by WIn 7 and C1 12 and I can drill down through the directories but I get a "The folder name is not valid" message pop up If I try to select a folder using C1 Import.

    Since I have never expected direct import to work anyway, on those few occasions when I want to edit a shot from the phone I always copy from the Camera to the PC fist and then import from there.


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