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Expresson Media download



  • syncrasy
    Try Phase One's Microsoft Expression Media archive page.

    I'm also watching MP, but have been unimpressed. I'm sticking with EM2 until it breaks, which I hope won't be for many years.
  • drmrbrewer
    Many thanks.
  • rmoorlag
    Exept from the integration between MP and CO there are only disadvantages on using MP instead of EM.
    So, when you not need this integration (because you don't use CO like mee) it's best to keep using Expression Media.
  • imaginatian
    The original post is a common request I've seen on many forums i.e. where can you download an "old" piece of software from?

    <RANT ON>
    On the assumption that you make appropriate back-ups of your images - multiple copies on multiple formats in multiple locations - then why are you not treating software that you have paid for and rely on in the same manner?

    Including beta versions etc I still have 15 different versions of iView Media Pro, 10 versions of Expression Media and now 4 versions of P1 Media Pro sitting on hard and optical drives. They are useless without licence details so these are kept safe as well. These are all backed up in the same manner as my images. They would just abut fit on to a CD. As I take several DVD's worth of images most weeks the space they take is insignificant. The only cost is a little bit of effort.

    Shame on anyone not making this effort. Of course if you don't bother backing up your images...
    </RANT OFF>

  • drmrbrewer
    Thanks for the lesson, Ian. Yes I do back up my data, including images, to multiple locations. No I don't back up my system files as such. Since this isn't my livelihood, it's not critical for me to get everything back up and running within minutes if my system fails. Once the OS is re-installed, and with an internet connection in place, the installation files can generally be re-downloaded if not already to hand on disc. My data cannot be re-downloaded. That said, I do try and save the installation files (in my data folder, which is backed up to multiple locations) for those pieces of software that I value most, particularly if I can see a risk of the software not being available online (e.g. company goes under or I am running an old version without any intention to upgrade). It just so happens I didn't have one for EM (mea culpa), but before your lesson was posted I had already downloaded the EM installation files and added them to my repository. Now to administer my twenty lashes...
  • NNN636697840972069264
    The Expression media after being downloaded on my Apple MacBook gets removed somehow, thus I was unable to get the file back, I used DELETED BY MODERATOR in order get back the media file. This helped me to restore the file and secure it.

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