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Copy "copyright notice" as "title and description"



  • Emory Dunn
    You can use this script to copy the copyright into the title field for each selected image.

    tell front document of application "Capture One 12"
    repeat with v in (variants whose selected is true)
    set status title of v to status copyright notice of v
    end repeat
    end tell
  • NNN637276584239014875
    Thank you for your help, but I'm on Windows and I doesn't have that option.
  • Emory Dunn
    That complicates things, as Windows doesn't have a scripting environment like macOS does, so you'll need an external tool in order to automate the process. ExifTool,, is generally a good option. There are several GUIs available, which might be able to do what you need more easily.
  • Larry Goodwin
    Take a look at PhotoMechanic. It can do a lot of substitutions like that. Should have a trial available if you do not have a long term need. Good luck, Larry

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