C1 3.78 file managing



  • Raffi Hadidian
    ok, I have understood that I can move the files via the move to function. When you have the folder view open on the left, it doesn't allow you to "rightclick" on the folder you want and assign it as the Move to Folder. I have to sort 400 images to about 40 folders. There has got to be an easier way for me to move the files around.

    I had posted a couple times before, and I had no one reply.
    Wonder if there are mods on the forum to address unanswered Q's?

    Capture folder is shared to the editing stations. from there they are decided as to what purpose they can serve and need to be sorted according. then edited.

    if I can do it via other apps, I dont have a problem as long as I don't confuse C1.

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  • Raffi Hadidian
    I made some test files that didn't matter if I lost them......And it looks like you can Just COPY /PASTE them within ACDSee, or likely any other file browser!!

    I have been told by my sales rep that you cannot, etc...

    weird. I can simply manage the folders and move the files around in Explorer or a file browser, and then C1 is seeing the files in the folder files were moved to.

    I wonder why I have been under the impression that I cannot do this? perhaps it was only referring to the C1 app's abilities?
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