cannot process with 3.6



  • Ulf Liljegren
    In the batch tool, make sure that \"Enable batch queue\" is ticked.
    If there is a prblem in your development list it will tell you in a dialog box.
    You might have to clear out the list, tick this box and add your jobs to the queue agin.
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  • martin11112
    Thank you very much for your reply, still can't figure it was that simple.

    I got a another problem now. Yesterday, to continiue the shoot I've taken another computer from the studio (a g4 like the one I was using, with the same software: mac 10.2.8 + c1 3.6.1). Then the fun began... the C1 stoped seeing the H 10. I've quit and reeboot, changed the fire wire (tried 3 diffrent ones) the only thing that did it is to change the H 10 for a H 5 then come back to the H 10. Had to do this 4 times in two hours. It was really a long day. This mornig whit this machine i can't stich. So if you understand anything about what i'm experiencing, please let me know.



    sorry for my english it is not my mother thoung
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  • Ulf Liljegren
    Well it's a know fact that you have to shut down the software when attaching a different back, and then relaunch for the software to see that abck correctly.
    Note this is not necessary if you unplug and reconnect the same back.
    If you still.
    If you still have problem make sure that your computer can see the camera back in system profiler -> Firewire.
    If it does not see it there then change firewire cables etc.
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