Minor bug in 3.6 and work around MRW A2 files


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  • kstrain
    Addendum to earlier post:
    actually the problem is much worse than I described and the only way I can process MRW files with any degree of efficiency is to set up batches of 20 and then process togther without touching my keyboard or mouse.
    Fortunately this only takes a few minutes as my PC is fast. Even then other processes cause problems (and have problems caused to them). Strangely this is absolutely not the case with CRWs (300D) where all is perfect (no other setting changed, except profile).

    In the past I was impressed by the very sound programming behind this software, now it seems like some poorly written shareware that would be uninstalled after 10 minutes (I am not very patient of poor quality work). I feel that I'm not going to put up with this for more than another few weeks, and will then start to explore other options, just to see what they are like. Then probably never use C1 again. My brother is buying 20D soon. At christmas I told him all about C1, I'd better remember to tell him to be cautious in the meantime.

    If the software had not been *so very good* before, it might not be so very disappointing now. It still does the job, just, I suppose.
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