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Expression Media - macOS Sierra



  • Romain Van Aelst
    Yep it does, But please read on before having any regrets!

    I'm currently using Media Pro 2.2.0198 on Sierra OS X 10.12.6.
    Haven't had any compatibility issues.

    But! If you upgrade from a previous version, MAKE A BACKUP of your settings!
    you find them in the following location:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Phase One Media Pro
    Copy the folder "Phase One Media Pro" to your desktop. Updating from a previous version to 2.2 might delete this folder, happened to me an lost all my scripts, keyword, etc. . Update Media Pro and afterwards you can put back you backup.

    Fastest way to go to you Library:
    - open a window in Finder
    - at the top of your screen, click in the menu on 'Go', you'll see a list of locations You won't find 'Library' yet.
    - push the option key on your keyboard, now a new item appears in the list, 'Library'
    - while still holding the option key, click on 'Library'
  • syncrasy
    RomVA, the original poster is asking about Expression Media, not Media Pro.

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