Capture One Pro 3.7.8 Need help tethering, sessions, folders



  • Ulf Liljegren
    I will try help you with this in the absolute most simple way possible.

    Top left. there is 6 tabs.
    1st tab.You tool for where files should be.
    Click the "+"
    This will create a "session" which is the same as your "shoot"

    In "Name" calll it what ever you like
    IN "Location" Change this with the "choose" button so it says "¨/Desktop"
    Leave the rest and press "OK"

    What you have done now is to create a folder on you desktop with a name you have specified.

    This folder contains a "Capture" folder. Here is where the images you shoot goes in.
    "Process folder" is the processed RAW files goes in and it also contains a "Trash" folder for images you have trashed in the application.

    Now go to the second tab in the application.
    Connect camera and shoot.

    Once you are happy and want to process go to the last tab and process images according to your preference.
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  • James 7
    George where are you in the world? We can offer some one to one tuition and help if you are local?

    Also have a look at Walter Borchenko's book on Capture 3.7. It's an excellent resourse for using the software to it's full potential.
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  • George182
    Thank you Ulf. Your simple instructions are a huge help...I'm now connecting quickly on a consistent basis! 😄
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