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Rotated images are resized even when I ask not to



  • Paul Steunebrink
    I ran a test in which I rotated a D200 NEF to 0-90-180-270 degree positions. With CO 3.7.8 Pro on XP Pro SP2. All 16-bit TIFF output was approx 57.7 MB in size.

    Question: what are the dimensions of the files in pixels, rotated and non-rotated? I mean I care less about MB but more about pixels.
  • unphased

    Hi Paul - I tried a couple of other things and noticed the following: if I use the buttons in the menu which rotate the image a preset amount (i.e. either 90 degrees left or 90 degrees right), the file when saved maintains its original size (3872 x 2592). If I use the rotate button where you can type in a value (like 90 degrees), the file size when saved is 1951 x 3228. However, if the rotation is anything other than exactly 90 degrees, and I use this method, or if I apply any kind of crop, the resulting file sizes seem random (i.e., they are not the same as the dimensions indicated in the function tabs which reflect the intended crop).

    So, my solution was to (laboriously) reset all the rotated images back to unrotated and rotate/crop them in Photoshop instead, to be on the safe side.

    It seems that if I use the preset 90 degree buttons all is well - unless I apply a crop! This does somewhat hinder my workflow, because I'm having to open the files in PS to complete stuff that should really be perfectly doable from within C1.

    Any insight much appreciated.


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