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  • Arizona Bill
    [quote="tony10am" wrote:
    Pictues look great inside of C1, but when I process them the end product's color doesn't come close to matching what was on screen in C1. I am not talking about a print issue but if I export using Adobe 1998 RGB and I open the product either in CS or ACDSee to preview the colors are all off dramatically.

    Is Adobe 98 not the right Color Management setting? Any help to get my colors to look correct would be greatly appreciated.



    Are you using your monitor profile in CO? Do Workflow > Color Management Settings and check the bottom box ... just a guess ... AdobeRGB should work fine, that's not the problem.

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  • tony10am
    First of all, thanks for the comments as I am trying to lick this problem before it gets too frustrating.

    I was using my profile for the monitor profile but not for the output destination I was using Adobe RGB. In PhotoShop CS I am using Adobe RGB as the working space.

    I changed my C1 output destination to sRGB and I turned on preserve embedded profiles on in CS. This has made a big difference and the sRGB embedded has allowed other applications to see the right colors as well.

    I am not 100% confident I have a fix yet, but at least I have been able to create some good looking photos on screen. Now to make sure I can match them printing!!!
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