An open letter to Phase One



  • Ulf Liljegren
    I will try to keep this reply short.

    From version 3.5 to 3.6 Capture One has undergone some very big changes when it comes to camera core and that the project has been transferred from VS6 to MS.NET.
    This will insure better stability and compatibility for the future and faster implementation of new camera types.

    If you work with software development then you know that this is not a small task considering this is software that has been on the market since -98 made for the original Phase One Lightphase 6 mega pixel digital camera back.
    This is the kind of maintenance work that has to be done every so often but there will be never a good time to undertake it because there will always be a camera manufacture that releases a new camera.

    For many of the competitors they have of course an easier task when they rely on for example Canon to provide them with the components they need for supporting a new camera, we do not, we develop our own developing core, profile and file handling and that is why we can provide the superior result that we do.

    No pun intended but I can see the difference between Capture One and other software and have been told over and over again by professional medium and small format photographers the same thing.
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  • TKHerman
    Thanks for the quick reply! Trust me when I say that I completely understand what you're talking about when it comes to the software development side of things -- the transition from VS6 to .NET is not a simple undertaking. And, from your prospective that was also a good point to \"shore\" up the code base so the product can be even better in the future. The phrase \"I feel your pain\" comes to mind when thinking of the undertaking that you took...

    There's no question you guys have a great product -- I completely agree... I may very well come back to CaptureOne in the future but for now my money has been spent. So, keep up the good work and add lots of new features that will make someone like me come back to CaptureOne!

    Thanks again for the reply!

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