• damienlovegrove
    Everything you describe is a good reason to shoot using a P back on an H1 or similar. I know you want to buy a Canon DSLR but if it doesnt fulfill your requirements tethered then why not invest in yourself and get the P20 or P25?

    Lack of the big money is probably the answer to my question. It's a catch 22. Get the P25 and you will more than fulfill all your quality needs for years to come, get the Canon and you will want more than it can offer from day one, but you will be less in debt or a bit richer.

    Take the long term view (3 years) and decide what's right. I feel for you as I was in this very same situation. I bit the bullet and the investment is paying off. I know that in a years time my invested technology will probably be at least £5000 less but my profit from the investment will far outpace its depreciation.

    By the way, I have found the handling on MF is now virtually as good as top DSLR when used tethered in a studio.

    I hope you get your solution.

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  • Matt 1
    Please see the related discussion on the workaround for tethering the new canon slrs: ... 0ffde7723e
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