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  • Jon
    Hi Steve, simply add the folder you want to process to into the organize tool, and set it as process folder. ... 20-%20Main
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  • SteveOh
    Thanks for your response. In hindsight it's obvious. However, let me explain how I set up my workflow so that you can see why I was completely confused but also so that you can tell me why what I did is wrong.

    I've created a temporary location to process the D100 photos (/temp/C1);
    I created a D100 session that points to /temp/C1;;
    I assign the "Capture Folder" to the CF card subdirectory
    I create a "Move to Folder" (called raw) in /temp/C1/D100/Processed;
    I move the files from Capture to "Move to Folder";
    I make my adjustments to the individual images now stored in the "raw" subdirectory;
    I process them to various "Sub folder" under the Processed directory.

    Now all of my chosen (not all come off of the CF card) original, raw, unprocessed images are in /temp/C1/D100/Processed/raw (the "Move to Folder");
    My processed pics are in /temp/C1/D100/Processed/web etc.;
    /temp/C1/D100/Captures is empty but the session pointer is still to /CF/DCIM/100D100 (good since any new CF card is automatically loaded);
    /temp/C1/D100/trash is empty and I haven't found the proper use for it yet anyway.

    So this seems workable but here is how my confusion crept in. The "Process Folder" now seems to point to a specific folder (/temp/C1/D100/Processed) only. Having fixed that errant notion in my head, it appeared that my only recourse to alter my destination was to actually edit the session! This meant having to create a new session EVERY time I wanted to load a new CF card.

    So here's the next question. Doing your suggestion means that the processed images end up in my new "Process folder" (e.g. /temp/wedding/Processed/web etc) but the raw files still only exist in the "Move to Folder" which is still /temp/C1/D100/Processed/raw. What is the best way to move the files from the CF card to /temp/wedding/Processed/raw or some other directory that is not the one that is fixed in /temp/C1/D100? Apparently the only options in the "Process" tool require altering the image (e.g. TIFF or jpg) and the "Move to Folder" doesn't move with the "Process Folder" pointer change.

    I hope this makes some sense.

    Thanks for your help.

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