demoirize filter



  • FlemmingHandberg
    Please reinstall your c1 software, the filter have to be the same version as the c1 software. You mey need to re-activate your software when doing this using your original product key.
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  • derek berwin
    re re-install. I purchsased from Flash centre London, they did not have the upgraded version so gave me a seperate cd asking me to use the key # in the black box of original. I had so much trouble with that install. (19 numbers and -) with too long a string etc., I am loath to atempt a re-install.

    I can send you direct both key numbers I have if you wish under seperate cover. Advise please.

    Derek Berwin.
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  • Ulf Liljegren
    You do not need to reinstall the software, you can simply install the Demorize filter from the Extras subfolder from the CD.
    Just be 100% sure that the CD is the same version as the one you have installed.
    If the computer that you are installing the software on has internet connection you should not hesitating to upgrade, the activation process is even simpler the Adobe PhotoShop. (Less digits)
    Please refer to help file to see screen dumps / step by step instructions how the activation software works.
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