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  • alfin
    Hello Cindy,
    First of all, monitor profile is exactly what it says - your monitor profile, the last one created when you calibrated and profiled your monitor within the last month and gave it a name for you to recognize it. If you don't remember, check windows/properties/advanced/color management (or something - right click on the desktop) and you should see what monitor profile you are using. Alternatively check Photoshop edit/color settings/working spaces/RGB/monitor RGB.

    (If you don't calibrate and profile your monitor you don't have a clue what you are editing in CO and I suggest you stop doing that until you've get a decent monitor calibrator.)

    For web destinations you should use the sRGB profile since that is the color gamut most non-color managed browsers and monitors can handle.

    Working space should be the working space you are using in Photoshop (or your other image editing software) and normally it is Adobe RGB or Prophoto RGB if you want a wider color space.

    Proof destination depend on your output, it could be sRGB for web output, aRGB for any color managed application or even your printer profile if you plan to print them directly. (I always convert to my working space and do whatever conversions needed in Photoshop, I never use proofs.)

    The difference between convert and embed is that with convert, your images are actually converted to the color space you choose, with embed, your images are tagged with the profile (but not converted) and any color managed post processing software can then interprete your tagged image (something like convert or assign in PS).

    Don't know if this made things any clearer, but here's a good link to useful color management information:

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  • cindym
    Thnaks, you answered my questions. I am familiar with Dry Creek - I've had them build a profile for me!

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