Cannot process Canon 10D RAW filen in C1 3.7.9



  • Drew Altdo
    If you're running DB then the DSLR files will not load in the software as this is restricted as the "Digital Back" mode, working only with Digital Back files. If you would like to use the 10D files you'll need to Download and activate the LE or PRO version.
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  • Bill6
    Hi Drew, thank you for your quick reply. I am using C1 Pro 3.7.9 for my Canon download and processing. A new development... today I am editing images shot on Phase P25+ in C1 DB. Images form that session will not process either! I am working on a Mac G5 dual core Intel Xeon with OS 10.5.8. I'm guessing some setting is corrupted... but what?

    Thanks for your help.

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