CE discontinued so let me get this straight



  • Ulf Liljegren
    I will make sure someone from Marketing will answer shortly.
    Might take a few days (Christmas holidays strech from 24th to 27th in Denmark.)
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  • Pernille1
    Phase One have been reluctantly compelled to discontinue Capture One SE for many reasons. The most important reason seen from a customer point of view is that we do not feel that we can maintain three different versions of Capture One (LE, SE, PRO) satisfactorily. In some cases we feel that we have been forced to compromise on the high level of quality that Capture One is renowned for. This is not acceptable to us or to our loyal customers. As a result, Phase One has decided to discontinue Capture One SE.

    Capture One addresses professional photographers, who have a demand for constant innovation and 100% reliability. This is Phase One’s main focus. Capture One PRO must be the best and most innovating RAW converter on the market.

    We are aware that the SE upgrade policy is complex. However, this is because Phase One has tried to make the discontinuing of SE as considered as possible for our existing SE customers. It is not easy to discontinue a product, and it may not seem fair either. Nevertheless, Phase One has found it to be a necessary step in order to benefit the majority of our customers in the future.

    If you have any questions regarding your own upgrade then you are more than welcome to email info@phaseone.dk

    Regarding the promised Canon S50 support, we have gone through all our C1 NEWS newsletters and all our press releases and nowhere have Phase One stated anything about support for Canon S50 in Capture One. We sincerely apologize if someone from Phase One or a Phase One partner or reseller has in anyway lead you to believe that this was true. To avoid misunderstandings Phase One recommends that all customers read our RAW NEWS (previously known as C1 NEWS) and Phase One’s press releases. This information is available on our website.
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