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C1 Pro support 20D



  • brunom
    I think it's coming with C1 v 3.6 which seems to be due around december 20th 2004 for the windows version. Tomorrow (monday) for the Mac ... can't wait to start using C1 Pro on my mac for my 20D raw files 😊
  • Richard C1
    I've downloaded the trial of LE with the intention of evaluating it for use with my Canon 20D. I understand that Phase One doesn't support CR2 files yet so I was going to try it on Fuji RAF files from an S2 and Nikon NEF files from a CP8400 but it doesn't seem to recognise them either. I can't find what RAW files it does support in the help - is there somewhere on the website where they are listed? I'm having trouble with the website too - keeps giving \"Server unavailable\" messages (not real impressed with Phase One at this stage!) C1 pro is a ferocious price, is there a trial version? - I'd hate to buy a $499 lemon.
  • alfin
    you can download Pro from the same place you downloaded LE:

    There are also release notes for both versions telling you which cameras are supported. Win versions are 3.5.2 and Mac 3.6.1

    A comparision sheet for 3.6 could be found here:


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