Hidden .session files over Ethernet



  • John68
    I would suggest checking your ownership on your RAID drives.
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  • manuel27
    Hi there

    I have the same problem, we use our lacie Big Disk ethernet drive as a studio server space. On a mac connected to ethernet we go in and look at the capture folders the session folder is there at the beginning. We do our change and then the session folder disappears ????????

    Has anyone got an answer, I have checked the permissions of the ethernet drive and I'm the only user with complete access so should not be a problem.

    Why oh why !!!! Looks like I am going to have to connect a firewire 800 drive to a computer and work from there, very annoying and have to buy more drives now.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • GilmourB
    Same problem with disappearing files when using C1Pro on an Intel MacBook connected to a LaCie 2Big. over Ethernet
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