C1 LE - Trial Expired



  • Dat Ei
    My trial version has expired too, although I never had any other copy of C1 on my system.


    Dat Ei
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  • Arizona Bill
    [quote="imacken" wrote:
    For Ulf
    I downloaded the trial version of 3.5.1 before I realised that it didn't support the 20D. I asked you if it would be OK to d/l 3.6 to try when it came out and still get the 15 days. You told me in a 'support case' that it would be OK. Well, unfortunately it isn't. I just get the 'Trial Period expired' notice when I run 3.6.
    What can I do?

    I would just download the SE version, which is good for 15 more days, and then download the Pro version, which is good for 30 more days. Both will work fine with your 20D. When both expire you'll probably be addicted and want to buy LE 😊

    C1 has one of the most generous "trial version" policies of any software companies I've used.

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