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Plugins windows directory missing



  • Rob Wiejak
    Yes, that is true. But when installing the plug-in you point to it in the 'add plug-in' Open dialog. Then practically, it could be anywhere on your system.
  • NNN637149307921824277
    [quote="getoutcast" wrote:
    Just an FYI, the Windows directions indicate to create plugins in the 'C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Plugins' directory. This directory does not exist until you add at least one plugin in C1 (the "open with" plugin installed by default for some reason does not count as it is not installed here).

    You can of course create the directory yourself
    If the plugin is found, set the path to the directory where the 'plugin name. dll' file is located as the VST plugins extra search folder, or the directory above it if the plugin is a sub-directory of a folder containing other plugins.

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