Raw photos showing as black and white



  • Ian Wilson
    Yes. If you have used a film simulation in the camera, with some Fuji cameras Capture One can reproduce the effect. If your camera is one that is supported this way, the default is that it will do so.

    If you go to the Colour tool tab, find the Base Characteristics tool. If the Curve field there says Auto, Capture One will apply the film simulation used in camera. To get to see the colour image, unaffected by the simulation, change Auto to Film Standard. If you want Capture One to do that all the time, and ignore your in camera film simulations, then once you have changed one image to Film Standard, Click the ... on the Base Characteristics tool and choose Save as Defaults For [your camera model]. It will affect new imports without automatically changing existing imports.

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  • SFA
    As an Alternative to Ian3's excellent advice, shoot in colour and then apply the B&W style to those images that you wish to be B&W.

    Or just ignore the Fuji style and use C1's B&W conversion tool if you want to set your own creative stamp on the image.

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