LE 3.7.6 with Windows 7



  • John Malloy
    [quote="NN891532" wrote:
    can LE 3.7.6 be used with Windows 7. I am currently using it with Windows 2000 but need to replace operating system and computer.

    Don't se why not...I have 3.x pro installed, works fine..
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  • Drew Altdo
    Capture One 5 is the only version of Capture One that supports a 64 Bit Operating System.
    If you are running Windows 7 32Bit mode then the same workaround for Capture One 3 in Vista is applicable.
    http://xchange.phaseone.com/content/sup ... nguageid=1

    However, Capture One 3 is certainly not officially supported so there is a possibility for some odd behavior.
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