Canon 300D Incosistent Picture Size info in LE3.6



  • NB
    This isssue has been noted by PO and is considered a bug - see the sticky announcement.

    Perhaps your reporting has an error - to clarify with LE 3.6 and 300D images these are the results I get as measured in photoshop:
    -3.6 developed image (jpeg, tiff) is 2040 pixels in short dimension
    -3.5.2 developed image is 2052
    -Out of camera .jpeg is 2048

    I noticed that the 12 lost pixels between 3.6 and 3.5.2 are from the top when in landscape mode. The long dimensions don't seem to be changed for the 300D.

    I personally would prefer that CO develop the image to the largest possible (which seems to be at least 2052 in this particular case), even if this results in slight degradation* of the image in the outermost pixels - then the user can decide if they want to crop them out or choose to keep them.

    *Before someone jumps on me about degradation, please note that 3.5.2 does develop to 2052 pixels and if there is any degradation it is so minor that no one has complained about it so far.

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  • Harman
    Sorry, I inadvertently lookd at an image developed in 3.5.2. The image size developed in 3.6 is 3072x2040 (same as MetaData).

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