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  • Paul Steunebrink
    [quote="NN187094UL" wrote:
    When I try to process an image with C1 Pro DB 3.7.9, I get the follwing message " Camera Profile Canon EOS-1D MKIII generic not found"

    Richard, are you running PRO or DB? The PRO version should give you profiles for your Canon, the DB version NOT (is for data backs).
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  • NN187094UL3
    Thanks Paul. That may have been the answer!

    but, somehow I managed to get it to work. I found the profile I had "lost" in colour management settings and then changed the output destination(Working Space) and that solved the problem, I hope.

    Having read a lot more on the subject I see was not the only one to have a valid license "expire". This is what started my hair pulling. Guess I shoud have read the forums instead of stressing.


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