C1 3.7.8 Mac files and session, settings not visiable on PC



  • Paul Steunebrink
    One of the drivers behind the development of CO4 was to create an application equal in functionality on both Mac and Windows, in contrast to CO3 and older. As a result, you can also exchange settings (raw adjustments) between Mac and Windows with CO4.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case with CO3, both you and your client currently use. There is also no way to import settings and sessions from CO3 to CO4, both on Mac or Windows. As a result, in the CO3 world you have to stick to both version and platform when exchanging settings and sessions.
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  • Henrik1
    Thanks Paul.

    The problem my client have is that CO4 is crashing on her Mac, and I am finding CO4 is just not as user friendly as CO3xx was/is (rather I have partly given up, but probably just not spend enough time on it, to become familiar)

    thanks very much for replying. we are currently working on the work a around

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