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Wacom Windows Ink Disables drag-n-drop from browser



  • Mark Witherington

    Hello. I don't use Wacom, but I have a XP-Pen tablet and while I don't have the disappearing cursor problem if I disable Windows Ink (disable the link within the XP-Pen driver) then I get the same behaviour that the pressure does not work.  I did happen across some settings in windows that you may want to check. Make sure that you have the Show cursor setting selected. I also had to select Let me use as a mouse. 


  • Joe Yung

    Hi Mark, 

    Thanks a lot for the reply. The "Show cursor" option is already on. 

    It turns out to be the "Let me use my pen as a mouse in some desktop apps" option does the trick. I am a happy Capture One/Wacom user again now. 



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