Recipes not migrated / relocated



  • Okular

    Process recipes are stored in your users profile, same as e.g. styles. So you have to login into your old account and check the path C:\Users\old-account\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Recipesxxx (xxx stands for a numbering, I guess depending on the C1 version, so there might more). Copy them into the same path into your new accounts profile and they're back.

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  • Calvin Powers

    Thank you!!!

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  • SFA


    You probably figured it out already but you might want to consider the other folder in the same locations.

    You posted the question in the Archive area  - are you using something pre- version 20?

    Version 20 further segregates and stores the Appdata for old and new versions to make it easier to return to an older version if required at its last used state of usage. Likewise some other aspects of the systems, like userconfig files.

    A lot of that is probably more important for multi-user studio type situations but it may be handy to have anyway for solo users.

    I think I spotted a technical article that covered the subject but it may be worth contacting Support directly if you find some things are not quite as you expect them to be.

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