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Custom Settings for Capture One Enterprise



  • SFA

    I thought Enterprise came with a dedicated contact to whom such questions could be routed?

    If not you would probably be best advised to use the link below to create a Support Case and ask the Capture One support team directly. (This forum is, primarily, User to User.)


  • Jim_DK


    This is probably the cache daemon preventing the edits. Plist editing is at best a bit of a hack, and can lead to instability if done wrong. Better would be to set these up using the scripting interface on run - something we can help you with if you contact us as per SFA's suggestion.

  • First

    @SFA, being Mac admin, I mostly rely on community support. That's why I've decided to ask here first.

    @Jim_DK, thank you, I definitely will.



  • SFA


    You may have noticed that this is not the busiest area of the forum.

    Perhaps best to assume that the User to User masses probably do not have the expertise nor experience of the Enterprise version to respond to you?

    Luckily Jim came along.


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