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Negative scanning in Capture One 20




  • SFA

    Open the file and swap the target settings values in the Levels tools (the lower markers).

    You can do the same thing with Curves.

    I have no feel for how well that works in colour terms and you may feel a need to output a tif file so make Positive colour editing more intuitive. Setting the "Curve" in base Characteristics to "Linear" might also be a good idea.

    Working from the RAW is possible but remember that all colour control tools will work backwards (i.e. you need to allow for complementary colours.)

    It might be easier to generate a tif or dng file.

  • Lily

    Hi Nicholas,

    Thank you for the question.

    This option is already possible in Capture One Cultural Heritage product variant.

    I will also send this suggestion to the PM team as an option to consider for the implementation in the Pro product variant in future.

  • Chris Leutger

    Wow, the DTCH is a $6K package. Even if I were using LR/Negative Lab Pro AND C1 I would have lots of money leftover....


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