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  • Ian Wilson

    You don't say what version of Capture One you are on, but assuming it's 12 or later, you could use a luma range. So in the picture shown, you could 

    (1) create a new filled layer (so it has a mask over the whole shot)

    (2) delete the mask over the bits you don't want to affect with the eraser brush (presumably the white bits on the bag) - you don't have to be very precise because in step 3 you will limit the effect to the lightest parts anyway

    (3) use the luma range tool to get the mask limited to the lightest parts of the image only - trial and error with the "show mask' box checked will show you when you have achieved that.

    (4) on the masked layer, pull up the exposure until the almost white parts near the feet turn completely white.


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  • Alberto Nucci

    Thank you very much Ian!

    This way is actually what i'm doing... i try to explain in the post, but for sure you make it truly better!
    I use Capture one 12 for Sony, i think the latest release

    The solution is good and for sure it works, i also try to copy and paste the filled layer from one picture to other, but is not so automated.

    The unique problem is that i need to check one by one the image and refine the mask as you explain at point (2), and this is not so easy, because the software ( correctly ) select also some highlights on the leather, also very close to the edge, that are not so easy to refine, and for sure is not a very fast operation.

    I think in this case can be usefull a new tool on the mask -- > empty the mask     :-)) that erase all the small masked parts inside a defined area.
    It can work at the opposite of the tool "fill mask" 

    I think this could be a nice idea.

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