HDR Processing and Focus Stacking




  • HGL

    In der Tat sind das zwei Punkte die in C1 fehlen die das Programm C1 noch aufwerten würde.

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  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    As "Helicon Focus" is kind of official Focus Stacking plug in C1 will not bring it. But if HDR and Panorama features are added it would be awesome.

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  • Lily

    Hi Jonas,

    Thank you for your post.

    There was a couple of similar requests previously indeed.

    I have forwarded yours to the corresponding department for further consideration as well.

    Hopefully, this will be implemented in future releases.

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  • André Maurer

    Dear Lily

    When you see that a lot of your customers want those features (since a long time!) then, either way, include it, make a proper SDK and include external developers or support RAW HDR DNG. The export is slow and cumbersome.

    An SDK that is universal and not attached to windows or mac would help with AI apps. At the moment it looks like this, that you sleep in the development and have not the possibilities to add AI features. Or even use Metal (long overdue) or a proper Apple M1 App. Maybe you are the better RAW converter at the moment, but Lightroom, Luminar and others are ready to overtake with nice helpers... Nobody wants to do the boring repetitive tasks like culling, straighten, select skin, hdr merge and a lot more, if there is AI help.

    Easy HDR Helper: An automatic filter for stacking bracketing shoots would be nice. To cull only through the Top picture and not all images. 

    Isn't it possible to read the horizon level from Nikon cameras? To make an automatic correction. (Or again us AI ;-))

    Sorry for the little rant. I'm just a little disappointed, that you have the best App for professionals in my opinion, but give away potential by not develop user-requested features or include developers. You rather make Pro Standard Profiles that are nice, but nobody asked for... I wanted to develop an AI app with developers, but the SDK is bad, which is also reflected in the SDK forum.

    I would really want to help with ideas from a photographer that make sometimes a bigger batch of pictures but also want to make them look good. Not only the "I make one picture nice" photographers, that you have at the moment ;-). Contact is on my website www.andremaurer.ch

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