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Does Capture One Pro 21 accept DNG files from DJI mini 2




  • SFA

    I downloaded a couple of sample dng files from DPReview. Apparently from the Mini 2.

    They open in V20 Pro so presumably will also open in V21 Pro.


  • Lily

    Hi Ferdi,

    The DNGs from non-supported camera models and drones are supported in Capture One Pro (the full version of the software).

    In case you have the perpetual license, you can upgrade from (for Sony) product variant to Pro in the Upgrade store after logging into your account at


  • Ferdi Notten

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you for your comment. So my problem will be solved with the Capture One Pro full version.

    I have a perpetual license for Capture One Pro 21 for Sony. But if I enter my license key in the Upgrade store, than there is no possibility to upgrade to the Pro full version? 

    Can you explain to me how I can upgrade my Pro Sony version to the Pro full version?


    Ferdi Notten

  • Dov Hechtman

    Hi Lily

    I upgraded from the Capture One 20 (Nikon) during the pre-sale to the Capture One 21 pro.
    What exactly are all the formats that can be imported in 'Capture One 21 Pro."
    Or is One 21 Pro the same as the specific camera format versions of the Capture One 20.

    Or is Capture One 21 Pro now the full-on version with all formats supported

    Unfortunately, your website is a mess nowhere does to actually making distinctions between what is each version of the software and what they support. The one software comparison chart you have only mention's features but nothing nitty-gritty about formats other than one series is a version for individual camera formats.

    Even worse that one chart doesn't even include Capture One 21 Pro and you seem to use a number of terms for the same software which is downright confusing. 


  • SFA


    Files support, for RAW and RAW like files (DNG for example) where camera data is significant to the processing operation, is created camera by camera since internal use of a data file structure as implemented by the camera manufacturers can frequently change camera by camera.

    The list of currently supported cameras is available here. 

    For devices using DNG files of the most common standards (mobile phones, drones, etc.) there is a generic data interpretation available. For cameras whose manufacturers have opted to use DNG as a RAW standard but which are considered are uniquely identifiable as potential Professional and Enthusiast cameras a specific profile may have been developed and be available in the supported cameras list.

    This principle is the same for all version of Capture One. The list of supported cameras (and the details of support for DNG files) may change and progress over time.

    It is a moving target.

    Your best option, if in doubt, is to download a trial or just get a trial activation key if you already have V21 installed, and try it. Faster and less effort than interacting with other users on the forum!


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