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  • Martin Renters

    I totally agree. C1 has great RAW conversion capabilities, but the DAM is next to useless unless you only have a very small number of images in it (say, < 100). Otherwise it runs extremely slowly and despite having reported this back in the C1 v10 beta period, nothing of any significance seems to have changed. Sure, you can tell all your customers to only put images on the absolute fastest internal SSDs, but frankly that isn't an option when you have more images than fits on a single SSD. You have a SQLite database under the hood, but for some reason one still needs to sit and watch counters slowly increase when one opens a catalog folder with a few hundred images because C1 thinks it needs to scan all the files in the folder. There is no reason this needs to be the case. I have SQLite databases with tens of millions of records and they perform perfectly well.

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  • Lily

    Hi Stanley,

    Thank you for the feedback on Capture One - we appreciate the time you've taken to contribute towards the development of the software.

    I have forwarded your comments and suggestions on to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release. Hopefully your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

    Though we cannot comment on future releases and the features to be added, we recommend keeping an eye on this article - click Follow next to the title of the article to stay up to date with new features and improvements.

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  • Timothy Devick

    I totally agree about C1's DAM capabilities. They are far, far behind other tools I've used like LR, iMatch, and Photo Mechanic. I've got 30k photos and it takes FOREVER to load "All Images" and you can't do much of anything until "All Images" or a folder in which you want to work can be fully loaded. By FOREVER I mean walk away, make some coffee, make a sandwich, eat the sandwich, go for a little walk, clean up the kitchen, read a chapter in your favorite novel. It's that slow. By comparison, using the iMatch DAM software which is maintained by ONE person, the database of images loads instantly. I can search the database for any image, any keywords, any phrase and my results appear instantly. There is NEVER any waiting. Even loading a folder in C1 containing 10k files takes a very long time. The only solution seems to be to leave C1 running all the time so once everything is loaded it searches much more quickly.

    I also get false negatives on searches fairly often even when searching "All Images". It will tell me an image can't be found but I can search my hard drive for the image and eventually find the directory where it is stored. Once found that way I can go to that folder in C1 and, behold, there is the file C1 "can't" find.

    I have seen SO many complaints about C1's DAM on the internet! So many people are trying to use Photo Mechanic, iMatch, and other tools as a substitute for C1's DAM because it is so slow and unreliable. 

    It would be nice to have the choice of showing and searching a folder and its sub-folders instead of being stuck with showing and searching only top-level folders.

    On my system, selecting an image and doing "Show In Library" takes me to the correct folder but NEVER the correct image.  I always have to search for the image manually.

    When I use the Filters tool to select keywords, dates, etc. to find files and then want to search the set of files returned for something else (like file name or the date taken) it takes a very long time (10 min or more) to find the file. I can scroll through the images and look for it faster than C1 can ever find it this way. 

    I've also found, at least on my system, jumping around from one folder to another to another eventually causes C1 to get very upset and lock up or crash. 

    I have a folder containing 10k files. I want to import a new file from the disk into this folder. The 10k files in the folder have already been loaded completely. When i start the import, C1 starts to read every file from the directory all over again so now, even though C1 has already loaded all the files in the directory, I have to wait something like 10 minutes before the import is ready to start while C1 loads all the images again. I get tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for this or that or the other thing to load in C1. Your database is pretty simplistic (I've looked at it as have others). if you would hire a SQL database expert that person could help you organize and optimize your database in order to make C1 run a lot faster. Also your developers need to work more with cacheing so the same things don't have to load over and over and over again. 

    I have read that, years ago, they had a DAM tool they were using but management ditched it. If one person can write and maintain a great DAM (in the case of iMatch) then surely C1 can do the same with a team of software engineers.

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