Allow Multi-Computer Activation



  • Robert Owczarek

    Hi Andrew,

    I've just bought C1 20 and run it on iMac and MacBook PRO. They get my activation and working on 2 machines is possible.

    I was caused by this manual deactivation when I try to activate the third copy on my second iMac in the office.  

    I've switched from Lightroom so would be nice to have such flexibility to activate licences like in Adobe product.

    I hope they do that in the future.


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  • SFA


    Which variety of Capture One are you using?

    Express, a manufacturer associated special or the Pro "covers everything" variety?

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  • Andrew Pabon


    I have a Capture One (For Sony) license. 

    Every time I switch machines (MacBook Pro and a Windows 10 PC Desktop) I have to deactivate the license on the previous machine and re-activate on the machine I want to use.

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