Varaints with rating of the original



  • Lily

    Ho Robert,

    The rating or color tag is applied to the variant in Capture One. In case you have several variants of the same image, each of those may have a different color tag or star rating.

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  • Ian Wilson

    I think the thing here is that 

    • when you clone a variant (F3 on a Mac - not sure what it is on Windows) the cloned variant gets everything that the original has - edits, rating, etc


    • when you create a new variant (F2 on a Mac) it gets nothing from the original, including no rating.

    If you want to have a new variant with the same rating as the original, one thing you can do is create a cloned variant, then hit the reset button on the toolbar. This resets all the adjustments but it doesn't reset the rating.


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  • Parisian milton

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