Catalog Import not working properly



  • Maarten Heijkoop

    I have the same problem

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  • Jeremy Lees


    The problem seems general. I submitted a case and the workaround proposed is long and complicated ie import images that become managed and then convert them into referenced images.

    I did not try this, too risky.

    However it was confirmed that it is impossible, at the moment, to import a referenced catalogue without it being converted to a managed catalogue.

    Suggested there should be a dialogue box (as with importing individual images or creating sessions) that gives the user the option.

    Here is the reply: "I have forwarded your comments and suggestions about changing catalog from managed to referenced on import on to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release."

    So we'll have to wait and see.

    Have a nice day

    Jeremy Lees

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  • AndyE

    Thank you Jeremy for bringing this back to me as I haven't got an answer from C1 support yet.

    I feel the same about converting a managed catalog to a referenced one. Especially as in my case it actually is just a partly managed catalog that lost all edits and tags on the managed images at all. 

    I support your idea of having a dialog box to choose between managed and referenced on import that one could choose from.

    Nevertheless importing a ref. catalog into another ref. catalog worked for me for the last couple of years flawlessly and I really hope that C1 hurries to fix that broken basic functionality for catalog handling as it seems I am not the only one where it doesn't work anymore. 

    Thanks, Andy

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