A move from from OpenCL to Metal




  • photo by FA

    According to CO team, every performance issue is due to our cripple hardware. I have bought my current iMac 5k in 2015, back then I had issues and support team has blamed my top spec iMac, while I could edit 4K videos on FCP without any issue but yet my GPU wasn't enough for still pictures.

    The truth is though, CO is not optimized for Apple hardware, they insist using depreciated OpenCL. If I wouldn't be invested so much, I wouldn't use CO at all (yes all my photos etc are in here and I can't simply be bothered to carry them to LR)

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  • Lily

    Hi Jens,

    Thank you for the feedback on Capture One.

    I will forward your comments and suggestions to the corresponding department as something to be considered in the future.

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