Import images from Sony camera without corrupting database on SD card



  • SFA

    I think they should remove the Delete after import option.

    Camera manufacturers, in general, always recommend reformatting in camera. Probably with good reason. It takes a couple of seconds ar you know. On that basis, and used regularly, it should hardly have any impact on any workflow that I can envisage.

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  • Christian Sinner

    @SFA: Sony's own software manages to reliably import & delete pictures from the SD card. If you don't trust any SW to do this, fine.

    But for me, it is simply extra, unnecessary effort importing the files through Sony SW first to the harddrive and only then being able to use them in C1. Especially since C1 DOES have the function of Import&delete - it simply doesn't work correctly.

    Phase One certainly has connections to the Sony R&D team, it should not be a major obstacle knowing what to do to make this work properly.

    You don't format your PC external harddrive either when transfer data back & forth, do you?

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