CaptureOne 21 is so dramatically slow and lagged



  • LVS

    I did some testing last night. Selecting a Raw file the cpu spikes to 70% or higher just to view an image that has already been ‘preview generated’. It took 10 seconds or more to drop down to normal and that’s without doing anything.

    I don’t think the software is using the operating system effectively, each new release has gotten slower.

    I’m looking for alternatives...I may just use Photos for my sessions and just get a separate editor to make more detailed changes, and for exports.

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  • SFA


    That does not sound right.

    Use the "Submit a request" option to create a Support Case to see what the Support Team can suggest after they have taken a look at your log files.

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  • Colin Harvey

    I'm having similar issue.  V21 Fuji edition really slow with specific mention to operations like typing the names of file labels for export.      I'm running a macbook pro 15" i7 2.5ghz 16GB running Big Sur have 200GB of free disk space.   When on V20 express edition speed seemed fine wish I hadn't upgraded.  


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  • Markus Busch

    I get extrem lags with C1 21 (latest version 14.1) when moving sliders like for example Exposure. The results jump, whereas in PS the smoothly appear on the screen as you move the slider. 

    Even worth is the use of Styles - they appear with very long delays. And if you click one they jump between different styles before settling on the selected one.

    Any idea what I could try on my end to fix this? Appreciate you help.



    I'm on the latest Intel Mac Mini with 65GB RAM and have a Leica DGN file open

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