Dehaze Tool Missing



  • Grzegorz Kryza

    The same here.

    Capture one 21 installed on two Macs.

    On iMac with Intel I have Dehaze tool, on Macbook with M1 it's not available.


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  • Ian Wilson

    Firstly, Dehaze was a new feature in Capture One 21.0, so, @Lauren, you need to be sure that you are running Capture One 21 on both computers. (Maybe you are, but worth being sure.) Also are you running the Express version on either of the computers? Express doesn't have Dehaze.

    Secondly, if you have a custom workspace that you created in an earlier version, rather than the default workspace, it may not have the tool shown, because it would not have been available when you created the custom workspace. But if you change to the default workspace (Window>Workspace>Default) it should be available. 

    Either way, though, unless you are on Express or on version 20 or earlier, it should be possible to add it in.


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