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  • RK

    A way of doing this is to create 2 instances of the library tool.

    One for folders and one for the "User collections"

    Any other solutions welcome.

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  • Ian Wilson

    There are a couple of things you could do. (Probably more, but here are two ideas.)

    (1) Tag every image you want to move to the album with a colour tag (let's say green) but don't move them yet - just carry on selecting the ones you want. When you've finished doing that, use the Filter tool on All Images to get all the green tagged images. Select All, and drag them all to the album. Remove the green tags. (You could also use a smart album to get all the green-tagged images but you'd have to keep the tags, and couldn't reuse the green tag for something else.)

    (2) Create a second, floating, Library tool from the Window menu. Have one of them (say the floating one) to browse your folders. Leave the other one (in the Library panel) with the album shown. Remove the floating tool when done.


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