Artifacts while editing or switching photos



  • Keith Bamber

    Hi, I have the same problem. When choosing an icon like exposure warnings or edit multiple images or switching between images. I have watched your video which illustrates a problem clearly the same as mine but my bands are often in highly saturated colour.




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  • SFA

    It looks like something to do with updating the screen as the processing is applied.

    If you were using Windows I would suggest it may be worth seeking an alternative GPU driver but since you have already tried disabling hardware acceleration that may not the answer here.

    There have been quite a few similar reports in recent weeks fomr Apple users


    I would suggest using the "Submit a request" option at the top of the page and generate a Support Case. By now the Support Team may have some suggestions for dealing with the problem. If not the additional information they may ask for could help them work out the causes.

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  • Norbert Gräf

    Hello All, 

    it seems that the update to Capture One 14.1. fixes the artifacts problem. Thanks to the Phase One Team.

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