Big Sur 11.2.2



  • Marco Hyman

    My opinion is that Capture One will never catch up.  In practice I always update as soon as I can. I do this not because of any new features, but because the updates contain security fixes that I want.  macOS 11.3 will probably be released before Capture One mentions 11.2.2 in their page of supported systems.

    I can get away with this because my use of Capture One is not tied to my income.  If losing the use of Capture One was tied to my job I'd have a second (or third, or fourth) computer that I'd use to verify myself that the programs I need operate the way I want using the latest software.

    I've had no issues with running whatever the latest version of Capture One on whatever the latest version of macOS.   That's not to say I've had no issues, just none that were caused by the OS.

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  • Dawn Sajn

    Thanks Marco for your detailed response. I'll upgrade as soon as I'm finished my current edits. Cheers


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